Your and our health is very important to us. We have a Covid-19 protection concept and consistently implement it. The concept includes the following measures (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Contactless, automatic hand disinfection dispensers are available at the entrance and in the breakfast area
  • Both guests and employees are informed about the max. permitted number of people in the breakfast room (according to guidelines BAG)
  • Breakfast can be taken in three different rooms or on the terrace
  • On request, we serve breakfast at individual times (usually from 6.30 a.m. to 10 a.m.). Guests can take breakfast into their room or take a takeaway
  • Breakfast preparation staff wear gloves and a hygiene mask
  • Guests are advised to wash and/or desinfect their hands before breakfast
  • Critical points such as the coffee machine control panel, lift buttons, entrance doors and banisters are treated several times a day with surface disinfectant.
  • All guest rooms, the breakfast rooms and the reception area are ventilated several times a day
  • Toilet facilities and shared bathrooms are regularly cleaned and desinfected
  • Guests are also requested to wash their hands before using the shared shower/toilet
  • Door and window handles, remote control, light switches, bedside tables and wash areas are disinfected in all rooms before arrival
  • A plexiglass cutting disc was installed at the reception
  • There are no longer teams of two in housekeeping and only disposable gloves are used
  • All possible points of bacterial and virus transmission are continuously monitored and employees are regularly sensitized. The employees are encouraged to exchange information based on observations, so we improve every day
  • Our employees also take the breaks and lunches individually at different tables
  • Sufficient protective material (hygiene masks, disposable gloves and disinfectants) is available

Bern, 2nd January 2022